More people flocking to Kenya safaris

More people are realising that Kenya is a top travel destination as figures from the Kenyan government show that there has been a 16 per cent rise in the number of visitors this year.

Between January and October this year, there were 1.04 million visitors arriving for a Kenya safari or to experience the country's other cultural attractions.

Tourism minister Najib Balala noted that the growth in visitor numbers seen in Kenya is higher than the global rate of just 4.5 per cent and predicted that by the end of this month the figures could rise to around 1.3 million travellers.

Kenya is looking to encourage even more people to soak up its vast landscapes and vibrant culture by attracting visitors from all around the world and not just from Europe. Airlines from Sweden, Russia, China and the Middle East are operating more flights into the country to cope with demand, which in turn has led Kenya's economy to benefit.

As well as safari holidays, Kenya's hillside market town Maralal has been described as the "gateway to Kenya's wild and arid north" and could be a unique place to visit.