Mombasa works as a Kenya holiday ‘any time of the year’

Individuals should go to Mombasa as it is a "year-round destination".

This is according to Angie Sloane, Kenya Tourist Board UK director, whose comments may encourage people to go on Kenya holidays.

She noted the city acts as a "gateway to a 500 km stretch of dazzling beaches", which means individuals can relax during the autumn months.

Mombasa is the second largest city in the country – behind the capital Nairobi – and Ms Sloane observed it prides itself on providing people with a "relaxed and friendly atmosphere".

The specialist continued by saying the southern coastline is littered with "fringed white sand beaches" and can resemble a "tropical paradise".

Ms Sloane recently said that the Kenya Carnival is an event that holidaymakers should make an effort to go and see.

There are numerous parades and floats involved, while some of the finest local musicians will be playing at Moi Avenue.