Mombasa ‘a great place to visit’ while on Kenya holidays

Mombasa has plenty to offer people as a tourist destination, one expert has claimed.

Angie Sloan, Kenya Tourist Board UK director, noted those who are going on Kenya holidays should make sure they stop off at the city.

It acts as a "gateway" to the "breathtaking" coastline of the Indian Ocean, she added, while it caters for every price range.

Ms Sloan continued by saying that those who have been on a safari will find that Mombasa is the perfect spot to "chill out" afterwards.

"In addition to providing a relaxing beach holiday haven, there are a range of activities to enjoy on Kenya's coast; from water sports [to] kite surfing," she added.

The specialist remarked those who are more interested in cultural highlights should make a trip to the Old Town.

As it is the second biggest city in Kenya, there are excellent links to the capital of the nation Nairobi.