Meet white lions on safari holidays

Jet-setters heading to Africa for a trip, eager to see some of the country's diverse and beautiful wildlife, may want to visit the Sanbona wildlife reserve, three hours' drive from Cape Town.

This park, the Daily Mail reports, is home to not one but two male white lions, part of the only self-sustainable, free-roaming pride in the world.

However, people enjoying safari holidays will need to be exceedingly sharp-eyed to spot these beasts as, the publication observed, they are extremely difficult to spot, in spite of their interesting colour.

And animal-loving holidaymakers need not worry that they will not find any other animals while in Sanbona, as the remaining four of the Big Five are also in evidence and photographs can be taken of elephants, buffalo, leopards and rhinos.

But, of course, there are other areas of Africa just as appealing, such as the Serengeti which Michael Martin of the Street recently recommended as a place with one of the best animal shows around.