Mario Balotelli to try out Kenya safari holiday?

Manchester City forward Mario Balotelli is likely to need his binoculars this summer.

This is because the footballer is one of many set to go on Kenya safari holidays, according to the Sun.

The Italian is known to be a fan of wildlife and he will be hoping to get his eyes on the big five game – elephant, lions, buffalo, leopards and rhinos – on the trip.

A source said: "Mario loves animals and the great outdoors so it will be the perfect summer for him."

The Kenya Tourist Board notes that the country offers an unparalleled "variety and concentration of wild animals and birds".

It added with so much to do, the most difficult decision facing many people will be what parts of the nation to miss out on.

As well as safari, it also boasts some white sandy beaches that can help individuals to relax after a long day watching the beasts.