Malindi becomes ‘unforgettable’ Kenya holiday destination

The coastal resort of Malindi has grown into a holiday favourite thanks to its pristine beaches and luxury resorts.

This is according to The Standard’s Jeckonia Otieno, who said those on Kenya holidays visiting the Indian Ocean destination have numerous outdoor and indoor activities to choose from.

Malindi, which is approximately 300 km north of Mombasa, is famed for the coral reefs that lie off its shore – and this helps to attract both local and overseas holidaymakers year on year.

One of the first things that strikes visitors on arrival, Mr Otieno wrote, are the tuktuks that rattle their way through the streets, ferrying tourists between their resorts, the beaches and marine parks.

But among its major draws, the travel journalist explained, is the choice of accommodation – both in terms of comfort and design.

“Unforgettable about Malindi are the many resorts, villas and holiday homes which are specifically designed for maximum leisure and pleasure [and are] threatening to dethrone Mombasa [as the leading Kenyan coastal destination],” Mr Otenio wrote in the newspaper.

The reporter stayed in one of the villas that lined the ocean, and described his accommodation as “spectacular”.

Part of their appeal, he explained, is their embracing of traditional African art, with indigenous relics such as carvings and traditional mats being especially prevalent.

Mr Otieno also paid tribute to the villas’ makuti roofs, which he said “act as natural coolers”. A common feature on the coast, makuti roof tiles are manufactured using woven palm leaves, and are famed for their durability.

Last week, reported that 400,000 mosquito nets are being delivered to Malindi, which will benefit Kenya holidaymakers visiting the resort during the rainy season.