Lewa camp ‘perfect location’ for romantic safari holiday

Couples looking to spend their first romantic vacation together – or those who are already married and looking to rekindle their interests – may be interested in the location where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton.

Safari holidays could be the perfect place to spend time with a loved one and the African Business Review's Christopher Davies has noted that the camp in Lewa – where the aforementioned moment took place – is an inspiring destination.

He added that a wide variety of wild animals can be seen in the area – which is comprised of 65,000 acres of private conservation land – including lions, cheetahs and monkeys.

Mr Davies also mentioned the existence of two types of mammals, which may be of interest to nature enthusiasts. The first is the black rhino, of which the camp houses roughly ten per cent of Kenya's population.

Secondly, the world's biggest concentration of Grevy's Zebra can be found taking residence within Lewa's perimeter. These animals are different from similar species as they are linked to asses and are distinguishable from the plains variety by their rounded ears and unmarked belly.