Learn more about Rekero Camp before going on a Kenya safari

It is almost time for Rekero Camp in Kenya to open up for its new season – which begins in June – and potential travellers might like to find out more about the site before heading to the country.

Situated in the Mara Serengeti, it may be the ideal place to stay on Safari holidays, as the area has a vast array of wildlife. One particular animal that tourists may see is an old male buffalo, known as The Brigadier. He stands guard at the enclosure's gate.

It is a family-run affair, headed up by Gerard and Dudu Beaton. Joining them is Jackson Ole Looseyia, who grew up in the plains and learned lots from his father, a renowned adventurer.

Earlier this month, Rekero won a Safari Award for hosting the best guided tours in Africa. This may not come as a surprise because local Masai and Il Dorobo experts lead the expeditions.