Learn about elephants before going on Kenya safari

Elephants are some of the biggest land mammals in the world and tourists looking to see them on their holidays may benefit from learning a little about the animals before they travel.

Viewing them in their natural habitat could be the highlight of going on a Kenya safari, as their size makes them stand out against the terrain. A male can be several metres tall and weigh over 5,000kg.

This means they have sizeable appetites and have been known to drink 200 litres of water in one day. As such, their development is slow and steady, with pregnancy lasting around two years.

One may consider the tusks to be an important marker of elephant physiology but their teeth are just as noteworthy. Throughout their life, they will go through six sets of molars until the final batch breaks down in their 60s.

Elephants are known to be sociable and live in close-knit communities, with parents often staying near their young for a considerable amount of time.