Leading Tanzanian tourist town granted city status

The Tanzanian tourist town of Arusha, which lies right in the heart of Africa, has now officially received autonomous city status by President Mr Jakaya Kikwete.

Tanzania holidays are primarily focused around one of East Africa’s most famous wildlife parks – the Serengeti. However, Arusha, a prominent gateway to the park, has experienced widespread growth and is now recognised as a tourism and business hub in its own right.

Following a seven-year wait for the prestigious accreditation, this rapidly expanding cosmopolitan settlement denotes strong African traditions but European and Asian cultures are growing ever more prevalent in the area.

The Arusha city status was originally granted back in mid-August but came into effect on the 2nd November, meaning the municipality will become Tanzania’s fifth city after Dar-es-salaam, Mwanza, Tanga and Mbeya,- although Arysha actually lies second to Dar-es-salaam in terms of revenue.

Tourists in the region are usually drawn to the Clock Tower roundabout which is a photographic haven due to the spot representing the exact centre of Africa between Cairo, Egypt and Cape Town, South Africa.

Public Relations Officer for the Arusha municipality, Ms Ntengenjwa Hosea, explained that alongside the accreditation, the President will also continue to renovate the peripheral areas of Arusha.

She said “The president will also inaugurate the ongoing construction of roads and street refurbishments in the town.”

The new found city status claimed that Arusha must improve its infrastructure in order to boost the population and 11 villages encircling the centre of the town are expected to be upgraded to either wards or streets.

What’s certain is that Arusha is on the international travellers map and the locals will continue to celebrate their new found city status.