Kunene region is “breathtakingly remote” on safari holidays

The Kunene region in Namibia has been described as "breathtakingly remote" by one writer.

This may inspire those looking to admire the wildlife, locals and the landscape on safari holidays, which is what tends to happen in the area according to Emma Gregg, writing for the Independent.

She described seeing elephants and giraffes, as well as plenty of ostriches "tearing through the shimmering haze".

"Best of all, I decide, are the geckos, even though their survival strategy is more mundane: when the sun is up, they simply hide in sandy burrows," Ms Gregg added.

People who opt to explore more of Namibia on a safari might also see a waterbuck – and one was recently pictured in the Daily Mail with what appeared to be a strange headset.

Amateur photographer Ingrid Bunse photographed the beast, which had one of its horns pointing upwards in the correct direction and another shaped downwards.