Kipkelion has ‘breathtaking landscape’

Kipkelion is becoming a more popular tourist destination, opening up its vast tea plantations and historic buildings.

Speaking to the Daily Nation, Kipkelion roads minister Franklin Bett said the vast tea plantations that grow in the county's valleys are attracting tourists on Kenya holidays who are keen to learn how tea is produced.

"We are sitting on green gold," he said. The tea plantations are also attractive wedding and picnic sights.

Not only this, but the news provider reported that important buildings in Kipkelion are attracting visitors and many people come to experience the area's melting pot of cultures.

The Lumbwa Dairy Co-operative Society building, which was built in 1908, for example, is attracting travellers exploring Kenya's colonial history and has been officially recognised as an historical site.

Magerer Lang'at, an MP in Kipkelion, added that the Maji Mazuri hot spring and the county's waterfalls are top attractions in Kenya, while Fort Ternan is the site of an extinct group of primates and possible human ancestor, the Ramapithecus, who lived 12 to 14 million years ago.