Kenya’s tourism industry in good shape

Kenya’s tourism industry in good shapeHolidays to Kenya are contributing to a booming tourism industry in the east African nation which is harnessing her natural splendour alongside excellent hospitality standards, so good that the Kenya Tourism Board was accredited the second best stand at the recent regional trade fair in Indaba, South Africa.

The latest visible win in the ever competitive tourism industry will yet again serve as a global reminder that Kenya boasts a plethora of exotic destinations and first rate options for those deciding where to spend their next getaway break.

Tourism is now Kenya’s biggest economic contributor and it is unsurprising to find that esteemed Westernised hotel brands such as Marriott, Rddison Blu and Park Inn Hilton all possess accommodation within the African nation.

Kenya will get another chance to expose her key tourism assets to the wider global community again next month when the Kenya Hospitality Tourism Fair (KHTF) takes place as an event designed to showcase the country to specialists in the hospitality industry.

This year’s event will last three days at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) enabling influential business leaders to talk about investing into the country and expanding their reach.

According to Kenyan news outlet, Standard Digital, the African continent will represent the most rapidly growing worldwide region in regards to infrastructure and the hospitality sector is anticipated to grow even further over the coming years.

At present, Kenya’s hospitality sector recoups a highly respectable 32.8 per cent of all income every year, again underpinning the importance of maintaining and promoting the popular tourist regions of Nairobi and Mombasa to the global tourism marketplace.