Kenya’s Lamu island ‘is another world’


On the back of hosting its own Cultural Festival, the island of Lamu is putting itself on the map as an essential travel destination.

People planning Kenya holidays could consider travelling to the archipelago, which is located off the coast of northern Kenya, after reading about the destination's rich history.

Indeed, Magical Kenya promises that visitors to Lamu "enter another world" of traditional Swahili heritage.

Showing off its rich culture, Lamu hosted its own Cultural Festival last month to demonstrate its tradition of dancing, music and handicraft. It has also given the island the chance to promote to the world its unspoiled beaches and beautiful Old Town.

And ensuring that Lamu's culture will never change, it was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, helping to protect its living heritage of more than 700 years of continuous settlement. 

It is just one of the reasons why Angie Sloan, director of the Kenya Tourist Board for UK and Ireland, said that Kenya is Africa's capital of culture.