Kenya safaris: More elegant than first imaginable

Kenya safaris: More elegant than first imaginableWhile African tours and holidays to Kenya offer the truly invigorating experience of going on safari and witnessing remarkable creatures in their natural habitat, many first notions revolve around potentially having to ‘rough it’ as something of an agreeable compensatory measure, given that after all, you’re going outback to witness the outstanding Big Five game. This couldn’t be less true.

Do your first thoughts envisage dusty savannah trails in an old Jeep, only to return to a rather modest motel? Think again. Given her outstanding natural splendour, it isn’t surprising to find that a quick modern day Google search will throw up tens of hundreds of hits relating to luxury Kenyan safaris.

Safaris in style and so-called themes of ‘glamping’ are in plentiful array on Kenya holidays. Just take Giraffe Manor, located in the east African nation’s capital, Nairobi.

Numerous safari tours in Kenya start here and although the 269 sq m settlement doesn’t truly represent the outback, many safari tours kick off in the capital, offering one last inner city experience before trading this for the isolation and tranquillity of the grasslands and savannah.

Giraffe Manor located a ride out of central Nairobi represents accommodation like no other in the entire world. It may sound extraordinary and potentially unbelievable, but Rothschild giraffes indeed join you for breakfast as they peer their long necks through the hotel’s windows to peruse the local munch!

The accommodation is situated as the centrepiece to a 140 acre wide site offering the magnificent creatures ample space to flourish and reside.

After negotiating Nairobi’s surrounds, it’s into the outback for real, whether you choose the esteemed Masai Mara game reserve or perhaps the moorlands of the Aberdares where the fascinating Solio Lodge is located.

The 2010-constructed Solio Lodge, like many other luxury safari retreats, represents where Kenya safaris truly come into their own. The accommodation features modern furniture and amenities but this is amidst traditional African plant life, relics and artwork. This is not to mention the stunning scenery of the Aberdare Mountains and of course, wide open plains for as far as the eye can see – all a few steps from your bathroom!

It’s a snippet of modern civilisation located right in the heart of an area considered truly wild and rural in every sense – a special experience indeed.

Solio Lodge, which is located in Laikipia County, is often referred to as one of the best places to witness both black and white rhino on the entire African continent.