Kenya safaris ‘are best in October’

CheetahsKenya safaris are arguably one of the most interesting vacations to take, but such trips can be spoiled somewhat if hordes of tourists are there at the same time.

One journalist – Nick Boulos of Metro World News – however has suggested that the best way to combat this is by heading on a Kenya holiday in October.

"Travel at the right time and you’ll have this entire wilderness to yourself," he observed, adding that in this autumnal month, "the bumpy tracks that criss-cross the Mara are blissfully devoid of other jeeps".

While on his stay in the region, Mr Boulos came across a number of different animals, including Olive the leopard, cheetahs, elephants and a lion and it is likely that anyone who treks off on a Kenya safari will see the same.

But there are other places to discover these creatures than the Masai Mara, such as Nairobi National Park – just outside the city – that provides minibus tours each Sunday.