Kenya safari holidays are “incredible”

A safari trip in Kenya can be an "incredible" experience.

This is according to comedian Hugh Dennis, who told the Daily Telegraph that a safari holiday is the best break he has ever been on.

He added it was at the time of the wildebeest migration and this added to the journey.

"Within about 10 minutes we'd seen cheetahs just strolling across the plains, hippos, giraffes and a lion devouring a warthog," Dennis remarked.

The star of Mock the Week and Outnumbered said a perfect getaway has to entail activity in his books, which could point to why Kenya was such a brilliant experience.

Dennis continued by saying he loves to bring maps away with him so he can get his bearings, while he advised people to bring only half of what they initially planned to.

The Serengeti National Park covers Kenya and Tanzania and boasts all of the big five game.