Kenya offers the ‘ultimate safari holidays experience’

People looking to book a wildlife excursion might be interested in Kenya, if one writer's advice is anything to go by.

According to a Bruce Kekule, penning a piece in the Bangkok Post, the African country offers the ultimate safari holidays experience.

He went on such a trip in Nairobi with his wife and described taking some "very good" photos of African buffalo and elephants.

Mr Kekule added: "If you manage to photograph a leopard, it is said you will get the entire Big Five – leopard, lion, rhino, elephant and Cape buffalo – and that is exactly what we were able to accomplish."

What's more, he captured shots of many more animals, such as the giraffe, topi, impala, cheetah and hyena.

This comes after Kelvin Kaume, writing for the Standard, praised the Masai Mara Game Reserve, which could be ideal for people to visit during the cold English winter as he stated the weather was hot and humid.