Kenya: king of the skies

Nairobi is leading the way in terms of domestic air travel from elsewhere on the African continent, new figures from travel data company Forward Keys has revealed.

The statistics, which took into account 10 cities in eight countries and were collated from reservations handled by more than 200,000 online and in-store travel agencies across the globe between January and July, showed that the capital of Kenya enjoyed growth of 22 percent in the year 2017.

This rise in domestic air travel placed Nairobi above Tunis and Addis Ababa, cities which came in second and third with 14 and 19 percent respectively.

Long haul international flights to Nairobi are also on the up as more and more travellers fly in to enjoy the wonderful safari opportunities and dramatic landscapes that Kenya has to offer.

There is also an increasing demand for local tourism amongst the country’s new middle class, who are now enjoying holidays for the first time. While local travel to the beach or national parks was largely unheard of around 10 years ago, it is now a big driver of domestic flights.

The growth is also a result of more local tourists flying in, and it’s not hard to see why: most travellers who lay eyes on the great plains fall in love at first sight. Kenya has it all, from big game silhouetted against brilliant sunsets to palm-lined beaches on the Indian Ocean.

The increase in travel may well also be thanks to the redevelopment of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport following a multi million-dollar expansion plan after the fire of 2013, and it’s certainly true that with the airport’s new modern guise, it’s a better time for tourists to travel to Kenya than ever before.