Kenya is an “exciting, adventurous” area for safari holidays

Those planning a wildlife excursion in Africa may like to check out Kenya, if one writer's advice is anything to go by.

In a piece for The Payson Roundup, Ken Brooks noted that the "amazing country" enables people to "view some of the most amazing collections of wildlife in the world".

This may encourage people to go on safari holidays in the "exciting, adventurous" area where people travel around by land or by flying from one camp to another.

Mr Brooks noted individuals may visit Samburu Reserve to see zebra and an array of animals can be spotted in Masai Mara, such as cheetahs, lions, hyenas and giraffes, among others.

He added: "You will also have an opportunity to visit some local villages where life is still lived in a primitive manner."

Other parts of a safari package could include relaxing on a beach afterwards, as recommended earlier this year by Kay Cox, writing for the News of the World.