Kenya holidays to feature trip to Rusinga Island?

Individuals may want to take a trip to Rusinga Island to experience the beauty of Kenya.

According to the Daily Nation, those on Kenya holidays in this area can expect to take advantage of beautiful sandy beaches and great accommodation.

Habert Karani, who works at the Rusinga Island Lodge, noted the area is not very well known because western Kenya has not attracted the same kind of revenue as other parts.

"Stakeholders from the western Kenya region have over the years been neglected in terms of funding and marketing," Mr Karani added.

Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu are three locations that travellers may be more familiar with.

However, for those who are interested in going off the beaten track, a trip to Rustinga Island could prove to be a rewarding experience.

Travel expert Jonathon Wilson recently stated organising a safari holiday can be a really fun pastime as people decide how luxurious they want their trip to be.