Kenya holidays could include Mombasa Carnival

People who are set for a trip to Kenya in the coming months should put the Mombasa Carnival in their diary.

This is because the event, which takes place in November and may appeal to those on Kenya holidays, has been recommended by Angie Sloan.

The Kenya Tourist Board UK director observed those lucky enough to sample the celebration will see a "colourful array of parades and floats".

Holidaymakers will get to see the "diverse range" of culture and religion on offer in the African country, Ms Sloan observed.

"Locals and tourists can enjoy the celebrations which give visitors a unique insight into this Kenyan custom," she stated.

Moi Avenue plays host to two main parades, which are accompanied by some of the finest local musicians.

Ms Sloan's comments come after it was revealed by Kelkoo's 25-Year Flight Price Index that first class routes to Nigeria and Kenya from the UK recorded the biggest annual growth of three per cent.