Kenya holidays are ‘romantic’

A travel writer has described her experience in Kenya as romantic and suggested that the country is a popular choice for couples.

Comments from the Irish Independent's Anne Marie Scanlon may spur people to go on safari holidays if they are looking to rekindle their love for a partner, particularly as she noted that Prince William's proposal to Kate Middleton took place in the country.

In November 2010, the heir to the throne said Africa felt like a "second home" and described the nation as the perfect place to go.

Ms Scanlon remarked that her Maasai tour guides were passionate about their work and knowledgeable about the animals that could be seen. She recalled an incident where they pointed out a herd of elephants hidden behind some trees.

The writer asserted that her favourite experience was an early morning sighting of a lioness playing with her four cubs, as well as a pair of cheetahs hunting together.