Kenya holidays are a local speciality

More people are going on Kenya holidays, but from a surprising new source.

Local Kenyans are choosing to take their holidays in their home country as a growing middle class spurs on the tourist trade, according to AFP.

Kenya safaris, once the preserve of foreigners, are now proving increasingly popular with natives keen to spend their new found wealth, which is in turn helping to drive investment in the country's already well-established tourist infrastructure.

Figures from Kenya Wildlife Service show domestic visitors to national parks rose by 55 per cent over the past five years.

Two-thirds (64 per cent) of people going to the national parks for which the country is famous are now Kenyan, up from 57 per cent five years ago.

"Strong economic growth in the past two decades has helped reduce poverty significantly and lift previously poor households into the middle class," a report from The African Development Bank states.

More local people spending money in tourist resorts and national parks could help further investment in facilities.

Most foreign tourists headed to Kenya come from the UK, which accounts for about 16 per cent of the million or so visitors the country gets every year, official figures show.