Kenya holiday makers to have “myriad of experiences”

The Kenyan coast offers tourists everything they will be looking for in a holiday.

Angie Sloan, Kenya Tourist Board UK director, noted that people who are on holidays to Kenya will find a "myriad of experiences" awaiting them.

"Whether you are looking for a cultural city experience, world-class diving, unique wildlife safaris or lush rainforest to explore, Kenya's coast has it all," she added.

Because of the range of attractions that are available to people, it may prove to be a very popular spot with those who go to Africa.

Ms Sloan observed that the coastline south of Mombasa has beautiful coral reefs and sandy beaches.

For individuals who fancy a bit of sport, there are some premier golfing destinations in the nation, including the Leisure Lodge Beach and Golf Resort in Diani Beach.

The operators of the site claim it is the best venue of its kind in east Africa.