Keep safari holidays ‘hands-on’ if taking kids

Those who are planning on taking youngsters on a wildlife excursion to Africa need to ensure they keep the getaway hands-on.

This is according to Mike Unwin, writing for the Independent, who pointed out the more tactile the better.

He added: "Threading seedpods on to a necklace, luring an ant-lion from its pit with a blade of grass and teasing out bits of millipede from a civet midden have all worked for me."

And Mr Unwin stated people should stop wherever their kids find something of interest, if possible, even if it is not to look at one of the so-called Big Five animals, such as a lion.

What's more, he noted self-drive safari holidays are the way to go for ultimate freedom.

And his comments have been echoed by Michelle Li, writing for Seek4Media, who pointed out a self-drive vacation may be the ideal way to spend a safari, instead of the traditional approach.