Kafue National Park and Western Zambia

Male lionKafue National Park is an expansive, sprawling plain, which covers a large portion of Western Zambia. If you’re planning a personalised Zambia holiday, a trip to this enchanting park will leave you with memories that you’ll cherish forever. Home to an abundance of incredible animals and birds and surrounded by spectacular scenery, a visit to Kafue National Park is a must.

Exploring Kafue National Park

Spanning more than 22,000 square kilometres, Kafue National Park is the largest of Zambia’s national parks. Occupying much of central and western Zambia, Kafue is also the oldest park in the country. Established in the 1950’s by Norman Carr, the park lies just a two-hour drive from the vibrant city of Livingston. One of the best things about visiting Kafue National Park is its relative anonymity. Compared to other large parks on the continent, visitor numbers are considerably lower, and this means that there’s an authentic feel and that you can enjoy incredible, interactive wildlife experiences without battling the crowds. There has been an increase in the number of lodgings popping up in recent years, but you won’t have any trouble booking tours or capturing snaps that don’t feature people wandering around in the foreground. You can explore on game drives during the mornings, afternoons and evenings or take a leisurely cruise down the river.

Wildlife in Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park is famed both for the sheer number of animals that reside here and the diversity of species on offer. There’s a dazzling array of wildlife species within the park, and every game drive is guaranteed to be different. Kafue National Park is one of the best places in Africa to spot the elusive leopard, and you can enjoy nocturnal tours, as well as boat cruises, which provide an excellent chance to see these beautiful, aloof creatures drinking from the Kafue River. If you’re lucky, you’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of the speedy cheetah. Kafue is one of the only places in Zambia where cheetah families are visible. Many visitors to the area are also eager to watch one of the country’s rarest predators in action, the African wild dog. Packs can be found on both sides of the water and are most commonly spotted in the woodland. The river also boasts a sizeable hippo population, and it’s common to see herds of elephants making their way across the dusty tracks. In the dry season, nothing beats watching the elephants playing and cooling down in the river.

If you’re visiting Western Zambia and you’re hoping to see the magical scenery and enjoy once in a lifetime wildlife experiences, a trip to the Kafue National Park will not disappoint.