Joburg heat wave to interest South Africa holidaymakers?

Johannesburg is currently experiencing a heat wave.

Individuals who are planning South Africa holidays may be interested by the news that temperatures are hitting the 35 degrees C mark.

Because of the extreme heat, travellers should take measures to protect themselves against the conditions.

Synock Matoboko, a spokesperson for the city's emergency management services, said: "If you go outside, you need to apply sun block, wear a hat and continuously rehydrate."

He added it is vital to dress accordingly and recommends wearing less clothing than is normal for this time of year.

Adults who bring children need to make sure they are careful, so the youngsters get enough protection from the sun when they are out exploring.

Individuals taking part in sporting events also have to look after themselves.

This month, Johannesburg is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the first residential settlement in the location, which was the now centrally-located area of Marshalltown.