Indulge in whale watching on South Africa holidays

Tourists who like to see wildlife in its natural habitat might be tempted to consider visiting the town of Hermanus, as it a hotspot for viewing southern right whales.

Observing these sea mammals from the comfort of dry land could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience on South Africa holidays. Between June and December, the creatures can be spotted around Walker Bay and a local crier makes visitors aware of what can be found in the water.

Also known as Eubalaena Australis, adult males can reach up to 15.2m in length, while females are slightly longer at 16.5m. Furthermore, they have been known to live for around 100 years.

However, due to difficulties faced by hunting, their numbers have fallen to around 3,000 worldwide and they are now dependent upon conservation efforts to avoid becoming extinct.

The southern right whales can be seen from the Hermanus shores but those looking to get their feet wet might like to try some of the kayaking trips that can be booked.