Improved Table Mountain cableway re-opens to the public

Improved Table Mountain cableway re-opens to the publicHolidays to South Africa in Cape Town simply must contain a trip up the famous Table Mountain – the iconic flat plateau that overlooks the Western Cape – and the cableway that serves the landmark re-opened to the public yesterday following five weeks out of service.

The Table Mountain Cableway was closed to the public for five weeks given the annual maintenance that has now successfully taken place, ensuring that an alternating current drive was installed, the carriage mechanism was renovated and the heel rope was replaced.

The cableway experiences maintenance work on the cable car mechanism facility every six years and following the service, the attraction now adheres to the standards as governed by the Swiss Governing Body for Cableways (BAV) once more.

While a lot of the technicalities were addressed in the renovation, the customer experience was also part of the Table Mountain Cableway’s agenda.

For travellers embarking on invigorating trips up Table Mountain from yesterday onwards, they will notice an expanded seating space for kiosk patrons located at the lower station.

While Table Mountain would expect to boast mass interest and stellar visitor numbers given the sheer aesthetic fascination with the summit, even tourism officials were delighted to hear recently that the cableway has just amounted a record breaking 855,000 visits for the last financial year.

Further leveraging levels of customer satisfaction following the potentially inconvenient closure, the Table Mountain Cableway has offered travellers with a birthday falling within the closure period, free admission for this week up until Sunday 1st September, with travellers advised to carry identity documentation with them upon arrival.