‘Immense tourism potential’ in Kenya’s West Pokot County

Kenya holidays are most famous for a safari type getaway in the Maasai Mara or a marine break in the coastal resort of Mombasa but a new partnership has been signed in the hopes of attracting greater numbers of tourists to Kenya’s West Pokot County.

The partnership between both the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the Pokot County Council has been forged in response for the need to develop facilities and travellers’ experiences in the Nasolot Game Reserve – one of Kenya’s best kept secrets.

Often overlooked in favour of other attractions across Kenya, Nasolot boasts a substantial elephant population and according to KWS Conservancy Area acting Assistant Director, Julius Cheptei, the county has ‘immense tourism potential’ that remains ‘untapped’.

Of course, with international tourists unaware of such beauty in West Pokot, Kenya’s tourism industry is missing out on thousands of Kenyan shillings in terms of revenue but the partnership is planning on investment in terms of infrastructure and aggressive marketing campaigns to boost the regions exposure and global appeal.

Cheptei also revealed that the Kenya Wildlife Service would aid the council in their application for greater road infrastructure within the reserve to ensure vehicles can enter and depart the park safely, while gaining the best vantage points to see the animals in their live natural habitat.

Additionally, Cheptei reaffirmed the organisational desire to launch guerrilla marketing campaigns at both national and international levels to gain as many new entrants to the reserve as possible, in turn creating positive feedback and potential returns.

With the organisation striving to enhance the travelling experience with the renovation of game lodges and camp sites, it mightn’t be long before Nasolot is at the forefront of Kenya tourists’ minds.