How to get the most of your Africa safari experience

What is it about Africa that attracts millions of visitors every year? The Mother Continent is considered the birthplace of civilisation and the stunning natural beauty is the object of many travellers’ admiration.

No destination in the world rivals Africa when it comes to having a safari experience – many imitators have attempted to replicate the safari experience, but hard as they might try, the essence of a Kenya safari is unrivalled.

The most memorable African safaris bring travellers closer to nature and leave a real sense of appreciation for wildlife conservation and for the friendly mixture of cultures and local traditions. Tourists are often deeply moved by the contact they have with native tribes, the serenity of the bush land and the discovery of wild animals in their natural habitat.

As Africa has such a variety of safaris, the key to putting together the perfect holiday destination when faced with so many choices is to find out what makes each option special and deciding on the most compatible to your needs. With so many countries to visit, the following is a selection of the top safari destinations among visitors and what makes them so unique.

South Africa

While South Africa is predominantly an English-speaking country, it is also known for having one of the most culturally-diverse populations in Africa. South Africa holidays are one of the most popular choices among tourists – the advantage of picking South Africa as a safari spot is that there is not only the chance to explore its exuberant wildlife but also the ability to spend time getting to know the local culture and visiting some of the ‘new world’s’ most renowned vineyards.


Kenya safari holidays benefit from dramatic changes in the country’s landscape, from majestic stretches of shoreline that provide visitors with a look at one of Africa’s most pristine marine life to the Great Rift Valley and the famous Masai Mara National Park, where tourists can marvel at exotic animals like the iconic pink flamingos.


Zambia’s scenery is as exotic as it sounds; this safari hidden gem may not be as renowned as South Africa or Kenya, but it’s the home of one of the world’s most precious natural wonders: the Victoria Falls. The powerful white water cascade into the chasm generates clouds of spray that can be seen many miles away. In contrast, the calm banks of the Zambezi River are home to hippopotamuses and provide fresh water to other wild animals.


Botswana is bordered by South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and a single point of Zambia. Many of the safaris take place in the heart of the immense savannah, edging the wild Central Kalahari Desert. This friendly southern African country offers some of the best game viewing available, with an abundance of lion, elephant, rhino, zebra and a whole host of other species.

Although the term safari has acquired different meanings throughout the world, its key nature remains the same: to journey the land. As safaris change from one African region to the next, with a little research and a sense of adventure, wherever travellers end up choosing to explore, the promise of an unforgettable journey is sure to be in the horizon.