How about trying to spot elephants on safari holidays?

They say elephants never forget, but people would be hard pushed to wipe out a memory of spotting such a beast on a safari.

And Tina Walsh, writing for the Daily Mail, said there is an array of activities to take in around Vitoria Falls in Zambia, such as a wildlife excursion to spot the animals.

Those keen on safari holidays might like to take heed of advice from the writer, who pointed out this type of trip is an ideal way to see elephants and also buffalo.

What's more, another African country that might be just as good to check out the beasts is Botswana, as Mutaba, writing for the San Diego Reader, recalled seeing the animals walking around the banks of the Chobe River and inside the Chobe National Park.

She added: "Having a look around Botswana provides you with the chance to spy around the habitats of the myriad of wild creatures."