How about South Africa safari holidays?

Those considering going on a wildlife excursion may like to think about South Africa, if one writer's comments are anything to go by.

In a piece for Herald Scotland, James Cusick describes spotting a slow-moving herd of elephants in the Kwandwe Game Reserve, which has an array of animals including buffalo, zebras and cheetahs.

He added: "It has wide plains, euphorbia bush and savannah and deep wooded valleys which are home to lions, endangered black and white rhinos."

Mr Cusick describes safari holidays as having a "unique peace" and pointed out that this reserve, although not as big as the Kruger National Park, has its own "special magic".

Another location in South Africa that could be ideal for this type of stay is Thornybush, as recommended by Julie Davidson, writing for the publication.

She pointed out that the area has reinvented itself as there is an increase in demand for photographic safari experiences.