How about Serengeti for safari holidays?

Serengeti could be an ideal place for a safari as one writer points out it offers a destination with one of the best animal shows on earth.

Michael Martin, writing for the Street, noted that Sasakwa Lodge, which is part of the Singita Grumetti Reserves, is an Edwardian-style lodge that has night drive and walking expedition opportunities.

But people may also go for safari holidays in the country to check out the Great Migration, which Mr Martin said is one of the biggest of its kind on the planet.

He added that it features "1.5 million wildebeest and a half a million zebra roving in search of food and water" and from June through to August the animals venture along the Singita Grumetti Reserves.

Other destinations that may be worth visiting on a safari could be Tanzania if the advice of Karen Schroeder, writing for AZ Central, is anything to go by after she pointed out there is "incredible wildlife" in the African country.