How about self-drive safari holidays in South Africa?

Those who are keen on safaris may like to opt for a self-drive version next time they book a wildlife excursion.

Bonny Makarewicz, writing for Pique News Magazine, did just that in South Africa and pointed out the Kruger National Park did not disappoint.

On her group's first two days they had managed to spot the so-called Big Five animals – African Elephant, Rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, lion and the leopard – and also saw a 15-foot crocodile.

What's more, Ms Makarewicz advised the individual who is driving the safari holidays vehicle should be prepared to be instructed by a number of back-seat motorists.

In addition to this, she noted those on the trip must have a "good eyesight for spotting" animals.

Her comments come after Michelle Li, writing for Seek4Media, also recommended people to go on a self-drive safari holiday – and she added all the attire people need on such a getaway are "shorts, a long-sleeved shirt and a hat".