How about self-drive African safari holidays?

People planning a wildlife excursion might be interested in going on a self-drive, as advised by one writer.

In a piece for Seek4Media, Michelle Li said it could be an idea for those planning safari holidays to go on such an adventure, instead of the usual approach.

But failing this, she recommended people choose an outing that involves a four-wheeled drive vehicle and a good guide.

What's more, Ms Li stated that people do not need spa treatments and mints on their pillows while on this type of trip, adding: "Shorts, a long-sleeved shirt and a hat do the job fine."

Individuals who are considering a wildlife excursion might like to go away for one on their honeymoon as according to the Huffington Post, it could be very romantic to spot the so-called Big Five animals – buffalo, rhino, lion, leopard and elephant – on such a trip.

And the publication also recommended a "sun-downer or two and a Cuban cigar to share" for afters.