How about safari holidays lemur-watching?

Those interested in wildlife excursions may be inspired by one writer's tale of such a vacation in Madagascar.

Jeffrey Gettleman, writing a piece for the Seattle Times, described going lemur-watching in the country, just off the coast of Africa.

He admitted it may not be the same kind of thing people do on standard safari holidays, but "tracking lemurs offers something different, perhaps an even more intimate, delicate view of nature".

Mr Gettleman also recalled trekking through a "pristine" rain forest "where the air is cool, the sun warm and the rivers Evian-clear".

And he stated walking through the forest was like stepping through nature, complete with the rich sounds of birds and the smell of dirt.

Those who are keen on getting an intimate safari experience might like to visit Zambia as Yvette Cardozo, writing for the Miami Herald, said it is the ideal place to go after watching the wildebeest migration in Kenya.