How about safari holidays in Zambia leading up to Victoria Falls?

A safari in Zambia might be an ideal way to lead up to a trip to Victoria Falls.

This is what Conor Pope, writing for the Irish Times, embarked on and saw many animals throughout the trip.

He described his arrival to a national park, just ten minutes away from the falls, by water taxi as "awesome" and pointed out seeing hippos and wild elephants.

Mr Pope added: "Zebras, baboons, impalas and giraffes roam freely around the grounds and monkeys are frequent visitors to the [hotel] room."

What's more, he took in a steam train ride through the national park and stated both the setting and mode of transport were "beautiful".

In addition, walking safari holidays in the African country could be another idea for a trip, as described by Belinda Archer, writing for City AM.

She said the country has an "uncommercialised charm about it", as well as intimate lodges.