How about going on a five-star safari holiday?

People looking to get up close and personal with wildlife might be interested in visiting Africa.

According to a piece by Arabian Business, South Africa and Kenya are becoming "the hottest new luxury holiday destinations knocking spots off others for a truly exclusive break".

It noted that customers can get five-star safari holidays in Africa, as well as there being some "top-class" accommodation options.

The piece describes Africa as all about wide open plains, sweeping vistas, rolling mists and people can witness nature first hand, adding: "In Africa luxury travel takes on a whole new meaning to anywhere else in the world."

And this does not necessarily mean exclusive restaurants and designer shopping excursions, or even marble bathrooms.

Those keen to go on a safari might be interested in South Africa as Wendy Gomersal, writing for the Daily Mail, noted earlier this month that individuals will have the chance to see the so-called Big Five animals – lions, buffalo, leopards, elephants and rhino – at the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.