How about a walking safari holiday in Africa?

Those who like to do things on their own two feet might be interested in a walking wildlife excursion.

Such a safari holiday has been recommended by Belinda Archer, writing for City AM, who pointed out it is much more real being on the ground, compared to in a jeep.

She added: "On foot you feel, hear and smell Africa, not just see it. You are closer to nature, while the sense of possible danger heightens the experience."

Ms Archer observed a small group of elephants, as well as a rascal-like warthog as she took her trip through Zambia.

What's more, she noted individuals will learn much more about the flora of a region, stating there was a "pungent aroma" of wild sage.

Holidays to the Africa nation have also been recommended by Chilala Habasimbi, first secretary tourism at the Zambia High Commission, who declared safaris in the country are unique compared to others in similar regions around the continent.