Holidays to South Africa to include trip to Maloof Money Cup?

The Northern Cape city of Kimberley is getting ready to host the Maloof Money Cup.

Billed as the premier skateboarding championship in the world, those on holidays to South Africa may want to take time out of their schedules and watch it.

Starting on September 30th, it runs until October 2nd and Garett Hill, Greg Lutzka and Nick Merlino are among those who are expected to attend.

Sugen Pillay, global manager of events at South African Tourism, noted the Northern Cape is a "truly adventurous part of our country".

"It's an excellent excuse to discover all that this province has to offer," he added.

Mr Pillay continued by saying it promises to be a "weekend of extremes", with sport, entertainment and music all on offer.

The Maloof Money Cup also takes place in three locations in the US – New York, Washington and California – and looks to increase visibility within the sport.