Holidays to Kenya better in second half of year?

The second half of 2011 is the best time to head to Kenya.

This is because the wildebeest migration takes place during this period and as a result, thousands will go on holidays to Kenya to see the spectacle first hand.

A natural phenomenon, the animals will move from the southern Serengeti in seek of better grazing conditions.

According to the Kenya Tourist Board, bookings for the remainder of the year are excellent.

"Despite the expectations of this being peak period for Kenya, reports have identified this as one of the best years on record with bookings for Kenya outperforming … other African destinations," it noted.

Angie Sloan, director of the UK arm of the body, remarked those thinking of going to Mombasa – the main coastal city in East Africa – can do so all year round.

This is because temperatures will remain consistently high for all 365 days of the year, she added.