Have you considered going elephant-spotting in Zimbabwe on safari holidays?

Those who are keen to spot elephants on a wildlife excursion may be interested in checking out Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

According to Melissa Rudd, writing for African Business Review, the region has a large population of the beasts.

She pointed out the safari holidays region is home to the so-called Big Five animals in the country – African Elephant, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, lion and the leopard – and there are more than 400 types of bird, as well as 100 species of mammal.

Ms Rudd added: "With less safari lodges, the Hwange is the place to visit if you want a more remote, unspoiled African experience."

This recommendation comes after former England cricketer David Gower recalled going on safari in the African nation, as well as many others including Botswana, South Africa and Tanzania.

And he described the Ngorongoro Crater in the latter country as "stunning", the Telegraph reported.