Hands-on safari experiences launch in Southern Africa

Starting in 2018, Southern Africa based company Extraordinary Journeys will be launching a new addition to its travel itineraries, safaris that offer immersive and hands-on conservation efforts.

These new experiences have been created to exhibit the ongoing conservation efforts in Kenya, South Africa Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, preserving and protecting the natural landscapes and wildlife of the continent and showcasing how the needs of the communities are met by various organizations. The opportunities vary from rhino darting in South Africa to game censuses in Kenya.

The new itineraries all offer the elements and enjoyment of the traditional safari but vary in experience to get hands-on involvement in conservation and education that get people working with local communities and the animals they are there to see. One experience is the Game Census in Northern Kenya that for $7,24.00 per person sharing, will give visitors the opportunity to monitor and track lions and rhinos. Visitors will use a variety of methods including telemetry receivers, whisker spot-identification method to track lions, and on foot, tracking to identify rhinos.

Another trip finds travellers in South Africa for a week in July participating first-hand in several aspects of conservation efforts including community outreach and using veterinary intervention and wildlife reintroduction to outfit on-the-ground teams with the most innovative technologies. Other activities include guest lectures on the threatened species of the region and vital, hands-on conservation work. This work includes various activities such as checking camera traps, monitoring wildlife, darting tagging, and more. This conservation safari plan starts a rate of $2,500 per person sharing, but also comes with an additional requested minimum donation of $30,000 to support the efforts of the company to conserve the area.