‘Go to the same Kenya safari spot’ as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin

Music-lovers looking to go on a wildlife excursion may be interested in visiting the same areas as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, among other stars.

According to Craig Tansley, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald, the Mount Kenya Safari Club was the destination of choice for these crooners and, more recently, Michael Caine who also descended on the area.

But those simply looking to avoid the crowds may like to go on a Kenya safari 30 minutes away from the site to the Ol Pejeta conservancy reserve.

Mr Tansley pointed out the area has the largest population of black rhinos in east Africa and also houses the southern white and northern white species of rhino.

What's more, he stated that the reserve is home to the only chimpanzee sanctuary in the country.

And a safari in Kenya was also recently recommended in a piece by Wales Online, which observed that people can experience "big game moments that last forever" when they take in a wildlife excursion in the nation.