Go bargain hunting at Oriental Plaza

Eagle-eyed shoppers might like to check out Oriental Plaza in Johannesburg, as it is one place where they can feel free to name their price and barter with vendors.

Visiting the site may be a great way to experience the true local culture on South Africa holidays, as it is known as the Aladdin's Cave of bargains.

If tourists want to make the most of their cash, they can challenge themselves to pick up as much as they can for as little as possible.

Situated in the Fordsburg district of the city, there are a host of different goods on sale – from designer labels to jewellery and fabrics. From Monday to Saturday, the thrifty floodgates open at 08:30 local time.

Parking facilities are available and drivers may be pleased to know that their vehicles will be kept secure.

Once they have finished turning over all the stones they can, visitors might like to see some of the attractions located near the plaza. These include Nelson Mandela Bridge and Mary Fitzgerald Square.