‘Get up close to elephants’ in South Africa on safari holidays

Those who are keen to take in a wildlife excursion might like to travel to South Africa, where one writer has recalled seeing elephants up close.

Kylie Piper, society minister for the Australian Geographic, described in the publication how it took just five minutes for her group to spot one of the beasts on safari holidays.

She recalled her time in Kruger National Park with the creatures and their "giant ears flapping, huge arteries the size of tree roots snake along behind them and the prehensile trunks, sucking up water and mud, to spray over everything in sight".

Ms Piper pointed out the elephants were happy to walk past, noting they came within ten metres of the front of her car.

Her sightings come after Tina Walsh, writing for the Daily Mail, suggested a safari near the iconic Victoria Falls in Zambia is ideal for spotting elephants and buffalo.