Get close to elephants in Zambia holiday

Those keen on getting close-up with an elephant in Africa may wish to consider a holiday in Zambia.

One hotel in the country was built on a traditional route for the huge beasts and the presence of bricks, mortar and humans has done nothing to stop them marching through its grounds every autumn, the Daily Mail reports.

The venue in question is the Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa, which was built in 1998 by developers unaware of its location in the path of the elephants, who go there late in the year when the fruit trees ripen.

Another hotel noted for this spectacle is the appropriately named Elephant hotel, where a herd passes through its grounds every October as they follow a traditional route.

Those wanting to see the creatures in the wild may visit the Lower Zambezi National Park, which the article noted as the scene of a photograph by Marsel van Oosten of an elephant coming close to the veranda where his wife and a friend were sitting.

This national park – which stretches to the banks of the Zambezi river on the border with Zimbabwe – offers frequent chances to see very large herds of elephants.