Find a way of going on ‘safari holidays just that bit longer’

People looking to go away this year should find a way to extend their break just a little longer.

This is according to Bruce Kirkby, writing for the Globe and Mail, who pointed out the most precious commodity on any trip is time.

And those keen on booking safari holidays in Africa may like to take heed of his advice and secure a deal for two weeks, instead of their original thinking of ten days, for example.

Mr Kirkby added: "You will invariably return home to find nothing has changed and everything that seemed pressing was able to wait."

What's more, he encouraged people to take fewer clothes with them on holiday and he stated people should be careful, but not get paranoid about health and safety or the food in a specific country.

Those hoping to go on a safari might like to try to spot the so-called Big Five animals – lions, leopards, African elephants, hippos and Cape buffalo.